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Do People Actually Give Each Other Cars for Christmas?

It never fails. As soon as the holiday season kicks off, the vomit-inducing car commercials start (not to be confused with the vomit-inducing jewelry commercials). In short: Some guy gets a set of keys from his wife and runs outside to discover a brand new Lexus with a giant bow on top of it. Most people seeing these ads just roll their eyes and continue on with their day. But not everyone.


A Mobile-Optimized Geek

It only took me several years, but here we are. If you are reading this on a mobile device, this site no longer looks like someone took a screenshot of a desktop. Hooray!

There are still issues. In all of the galleries, the images were coded inline. Lord only knows what I was thinking, but part of it may have to do with my habit of just grabbing an old gallery and using it as a template because I don't want to keep creating new ones. That's my next project, along with a prettier and updated

It'll happen. It may take me another couple of years, but it will happen.